Welcome to Mataking!
The more the world changes, the more we gravitate to places that don’t.

The Mataking Resort & Spa is a luxury private island resort unlike any other in the world. This serene retreat offers exquisite living, sophisticated cuisine and unparalleled diving opportunities in one of the most pristine corners of the world.

The Mataking Resort & Spa is situated on Mataking Island, Sabah, Malaysia, a hideaway that is one of the 20 tropical islands that comprise the Semporna islands group. Mataking Island is surrounded by a protected coral reef, and the island boasts a pristine rainforest and beautiful white sand beaches.

From the moment you arrive at Mataking, greeted by our warm and friendly Sabahan staff, you will completely be immersed in the peace and tranquility of the tropical island life.

Welcome to Paradise!

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